don’t talk

I know I know I know I know
we’re such a cliché
the lady tries to talk it through
while the gentleman tries to wish it away
the floor is piled with wasted words
scorecards discarded
fortresses unguarded
we couldn’t keep track
of who’s winning
cease fire
let’s stop go back to the beginning

then we won’t talk anymore

you laughed out loud
interrupting my breakfast and making my day
finally it’s you with something burning
something you just had to stay
so we shook off the schedule
off of our shoulders
the clock ticking bolder
we kept it at bay
let’s lose track
of the hours
the silence here
the evening is ours

then we won’t talk anymore

there’s no clutter
sentences well they don’t sputter
they just float into the sky
washed clean by days of rain
they all complain about the wet
you and me we get it
we just let it cool us down

now we won’t talk anymore