that we were four
by the rainbow
at the tour eiffel
watered coffee
it was just as well
to stay earthbound
not to ascend with the multitudes

that we were four
venturing four
that we were four
racing up the grimy serpentine
to the metro past the tightrope line
we walked a long time
along the banks with the ducks and the dreamers

that we were four
lingering four
that we were four
lazy mornings
behind lush green
windows framing balcony scenes
of many-hued lives
bringing us into belonging

here is where the whole world wants to be
here we promenade
over castles

over centuries
I’ve got no heavy bags
I’m free to be tongue-tied
I’m free to write new history
and I’m just glad to be here

that we were four
magical four
that we were four
plotting just how he might ask his turn
on new playgrounds there’s so much to learn
he’s such a brave boy

qu’est que c’est quatre
on fait la maison sur la place crimée
c’est juste le faite de nous
l’espace pour jouer
pour jouer ensemble
together we four are belonging here