Jen Chapin Trio, by Merri Cyr
Photo by Merri Cyr


Chances are, if you have heard us on tour, it has been as a trio with Stephan Crump on acoustic bass and Jamie Fox on electric guitar. This is my core group, where my music is most comfortable, flexible, intimate and alive. I love playing and traveling with these guys — they make it so easy, even when it’s hard!

I talk a little about my connection with Stephan, whose groove, musicianship and passion are a daily inspiration, on the “family” page here, and you can hear and learn more about his own music at Jamie has been contributing his elegant, tasteful ideas (not to say that he doesn’t get dirty when necessary) to my tunes since 2000, and I am so grateful for the generosity with which he has continued to pitch in. He has a cool site up as well, at

In 2006, Stephan released a gorgeous album of his own compositions called Rosetta. The recording highlighted the amazing interaction between Stephan, Jamie, and the singular Liberty Ellman on acoustic guitar, and the Rosetta Trio was born, following up with 2010’s Reclamation and their newest effort, Thwirl, released September 2013. On my 2008 CD/DVD Light of Mine, I enlisted the Rosetta Trio magic directly, and with the addition of the formidable Dan Rieser on drums for my new album Reckoning, the vitality of this unit continues to serve as the foundation for my sound.