Happy December Everyone

All the slick faces on the TV
they tell us be fearful
we are warned very soberly
don’t you listen, turn away, turn away
there’s a different melody to play..

I just saw a news headline noting “fear in the air” but I don’t feel that way, nor do I think it would be remotely useful if I did.
This past Monday I got to sing my song “Let it Show” to a large festive outdoor crowd in NYC, and though I wrote the words quoted above ten years ago, I feel the same today.
I sang supported by loving family among Christmas lights. In the crowd, a Muslim friend and neighbor hoisted our younger son Van on his shoulders to see the festivities as big brother Maceo played with his sons.
We are strengthened by love and faith, community and care, and a welcome to strangers..

I was happily surprised the other night when my boys asked to view the music video for my song “Gospel”, beautifully crafted earlier this year by K8 Howley and Jak Ritger. It celebrates social movements past, present and future.
Would you care to watch it again with us?

This coming Sunday December 13th Stephan, Jamie and I play in Nyack NY to benefit the Fellowship for Reconciliation, a 100 year old organization that has maintained a steady voice for peace through wars and struggles for human rights.

Sunday, December 13th * 5 pm
Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Annual Winter Solstice Event (2 – 6 pm)
— food, music, community —
F.O.R at Showdowcliff
521 North Broadway, Nyack NY 10980
Suggested Dontation $20 per person….$40 for families….$60 Earth Angel

Today, it would be my dad Harry’s 73rd birthday. Though he’s been gone for 34 years, I feel blessed to feel a living, vibrant connection with him through the work of WhyHunger, which he helped found (as “World Hunger Year” 40 years ago)
You can honor Harry Chapin and support an end to hunger by donating at Hungerthon.org, or joining “Harry’s Giving Circle”.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we celebrated my mom Sandy’s birthday as well. She is a formidable lyricist (“Cat’s in the Cradle”, anyone?) and poet and recently published her long-overdue first book of poetry.
I welcome you to “like” her author page on Facebook, and order her book, “Entries”, to get an intimate (and sometimes sexy — yikes!) look at my parents’ partnership and other dreams, while supporting the Harry Chapin Foundation.

Peace and Love everybody!